ProWaterjet system has been designed for the visual recognition and measuring of dough pieces made of different dough types, and their subsequent scoring.

The combination of a 3D camera with one or more robots allows for the visual recognition of different dough pieces (bread loaves, rolls, buns, diamond-shaped bread rolls, burger buns, sandwiches, etc.) that come in various shapes, sizes and weight. Using the waterjet technology, these pieces can be hygienically scored in a variety of patterns.

Due to the extra light weight of the nozzles of mere 350 grams and the high closing force of 80 bar, it is possible to employ one or several nozzles on one or more robots simultaneously, thus ensuring flexible manipulation without contaminating the surrounding area, e.g. peel boards or conveyor belts, with water.

If desired, traditional patterns can be adapted to add an individual touch to the final product. The operator can easily switch the modes from one scoring pattern to another. Moreover, it is possible to set different patters per row, such as straight line, wave, zigzag, heart, Easter egg, Christmas tree, etc., to diversify the product line seasonally without additional costs.

Process: recognition and scoring of dough pieces
Industry: food, bakery
Application: bread loves, bread rolls, buns, sandwiches, organic bread, organic buns

ProWaterjet robot cell is based on our extensive expertise in the 3D camera technology used for product recognition combined with our profound understanding of the waterjet technology.

Key facts:

  • High throughput rate
  • Ease of operation
  • Short set-up times
  • Flexible feeding
  • Record of all tests
  • Simple connection to the ERP system

Dough pieces are detected and scored, while no water is spilled

Several camera systems allow for more flexibility and universal feeding