Protablet 500

ProTablet 500 is a disassembly cell designed for tablet PC recycling. The devices are milled to recover reusable inner components.

Process: Tablet PC disassembly
Industry: Electronics industry
Application: Tablet PCs

ProTablet 500 consists of a six-axis articulated robot, a conveyor system with a special clamping fixture and a milling unit.

Tablet PCs are transported to the robot workspace where they are clamped and automatically milled. After the glass screen is removed, the reusable inner components are recovered.

Key facts

  •  high throughput rate
  •  flexible expanding
  •  easy to operate
  •  simple changeover
  •  autonomous operation​

Tablets are milled without causing damage to the inner components that are recovered for further recycling.

The milling unit on the robot flange is used for automated tablet PC disassembly to recover reusable inner components.