ProSwitchtest has been designed for optical and electrical inspection of power switches. The robot system inspects various switches with different number of poles with regard to the completeness of assembly, functioning and high voltage endurance and applies correct printed labels to them.

Process: inspection and marking of power switches
Industry: electronics
Application: power switches, contactors, control cabinet drives

The ProSwitchtest robot cell is based on the basic robot cell PROCELL. The integration of standardized process modules allows for quick and reliable object handling with flexible automated feeding of single pieces that are matched to the processed order.

Key facts:

  •  High throughput
  •  Flexible feeding
  •  Quick setup
  •  Simple operation
  •  Records of all inspections
  •  Easy connection to ERP systems

After inspection, obtained data are stored and power switches are marked.

Several camera systems make the cell flexible and feeding system universal.