Prosort 500

ProSort 500 is an automated system designed for sachet packaging. The integration of multiple modules allows for the throughput increase within a three-shift operation.

Process: Product packaging
Industry: Pharmaceutical industry, food industry
Application: Sachets and tea bags

ProSort 500 consists of a delta robot, a feeding- and a cartoning system.

The robot packs sachets or tea bags of various sizes in alternating carton boxes. Sachets are transported to the packaging machine by means of a conveyor belt. Packaged products that have been checked for quality leave the packaging unit in sealed boxes. ProAutomation engineers perform integration of different cartoning units, as well as programming and commissioning of the whole system.

Key facts

  •  throughput (1 module): 60 pieces/minute
  •  Hygienic Design
  •  primary and secondary packaging
  •  robot-controlled
  •  user-friendly interface
  •  low maintenance
  •  high reliability through fail-safe operation
  •  quick amortisation

Sachets and blisters of different sizes can be simultaneously packed in carton boxes of different types.

From a special sorting unit the robot receives a set of five sachets at a time.