Prosort 200

ProSort 200 is an automated sorting and commissioning system designed for small part sorting, counting and packing. The robot cell operates without complex conveyor systems or vibratory feeders that are difficult to adjust.

Process: Sorting and packaging
Industry: Metal industry, electronics industry, automotive industry
Application: Small parts of up to 0.5 kg (e.g. screws, plastic parts or switch shafts)

ProSort 200 consists of a delta robot, an intelligent camera system and a conveyor system.

The integrated camera system enables easy sorting of various small parts of similar shapes and sizes and placing them into corresponding containers. The programming of the unit and teach-in procedure of various small part characteristics can be easily performed via an intuitive programming interface. The small installation area of 1600 x 1000 mm allows for seamless integration of the compact robot cell into existing facilities. It can be flexibly expanded in order to further increase throughput rates. It is also possible to connect the system to the cartoning machine.

Key facts

  •  high throughput rate (60 pieces / minute)
  •  compact installation area
  •  flexible expanding
  •  easy to operate
  •  easy connection to ERP systems
  •  high reliability through camera monitoring
  •  autonomous operation
  •  quick amortisation

Small parts are fed in bulk, automatically separated, checked for quality and sorted accordingly.

An intelligent camera system allows the robot to recognise different types of screws and sort them accordingly.