ProPlace is an automated system designed to populate PCBs (printed circuit boards) with wired electronic components. The robot enables easy and efficient push-through installation of THT components.

Process: PCB population
Industry: Electronics industry
Application: Electronic components

ProPlace is based on ProAutomation basic robot cell PROCELL. The integration of standard process modules enables a fast and safe PCB population process with an automated feeding.

The ProPlace basic design consists of a base frame (welded construction), a safety housing including a safety door with an electrical locking device, three input keys, an emergency stop switch and a signal tower for the safe operation of the robot cell, a six-axis articulated robot of the FANUC LR Mate series and a basic software package.

Optionally, a touchscreen control panel and a multi-gripper that can be easily integrated with exchangable gripper jaws are available.

Integrated standard modules for the PCB population include:

  •  an automated conveyor system (stacker and destacker, stick feeder and belt conveyor)
  •  an intelligent camera system as an inspection unit

ProPlace populates PCBs with THT components with industrial quality. The cycle times reach up to one second per component. Any common types of housings and constructions can be  processed. Individual components can be fed to the ProPlace cell in many ways: in a stick, carton, foam or plastic foam. Unloading of components is not required.

The simple gripper change-over system enables manipulation of components of various types. Both sucker and internal and external grippers can be used. After gripping a component, the robot moves to the camera system. The camera system measures each pin and comunnicates the final correction factors pertaining to the exact positioning of the component on the PCB directly to the robot control system.

ProPlace cells can be connected serially or in parallel rows to increase throughput. It is also possible to integrate soldering into the process through the integration of different process modules into the basic robot cell PROCELL. Hence, the populated PCBs can be subsequently automatically soldered.

Key facts

  •  short delivery times
  •  transparent cost calculation
  •  up to 48 months warranty
  •  low set-up costs – ideal for frequently changing products
  •  high reliability
  •  quick amortisation
  •  cost-efficient feed technology
  •  free service hotline (on workdays, 7 am – 5pm)
  •  24/7 operation

Different electronic components are automatically picked from different feeding systems.

A gripper with quickly changeable gripper jaws can be used for the handling of various components.