The ProPick robot cell is designed to position indexable inserts on carriers before coating. The robot is able to handle different part geometries and position them in different stacking patterns.

Process: handling, conveying, verification, storing and sorting
Industry: metal industry
Application: cutting inserts, indexable inserts up to 0.5 kg

ProPick is based on the basic robot cell PROCELL. The integration of standard modules ensures quick and safe handling processes with automated part feeding.

The basic ProPick design consists of the following:

  •  a base frame (welded construction)
  •  safety housing including a door with an electrical locking device
  •  three input keys
  •  an emergency stop switch and a signal tower to ensure safe operation
  •  a FANUC M-2iA delta robot
  •  basic software including SAP interface
  •  Optional: touchscreen control panel and an automatically changeable gripping system

The integrated standard modules for the handling processes are:

  •  automated conveyors (stacker, destacker and belt-conveyor)
  •  3 smart camera systems

ProPick positions indexable inserts of different shapes on coating carriers of different types. The shapes of the inserts can be either standard ISO-defined geometries or special shapes with inner holes. The robot system can implement different stacking patterns on the coating carrier. The inserts are positioned either directly on the flat carrier, or on the carrier. The stacking pattern and configuration of an individual load can be defined either intuitively or using a control panel.

The smart camera system increases precision of the part positioning on the carrier and initiates an automatic change of the gripping tool when a new product group is fed. The positioning cycle time is up to 2 seconds per indexable insert.

Key facts:

  •  short delivery times
  •  transparent cost calculation
  •  up to 48 months warranty
  •  low set-up costs – ideal for frequently changing products
  •  high reliability
  •  rapid return on investment
  •  cost-efficient feed technology
  •  free service hotline (on workdays, 7am-5pm)
  •  24/7 operation

Loaded pallets/containers and target carriers can carry a large number of parts.

Different gripping systems allow for simulations handling of various indaxable inserts.