ProPetline system is designed to handle autoclave heat-treated aluminum pet food cans of 80-150 g, i.e. to remove them from the autoclave, dry them and perform a 3D inspection to detect dents. The cans that pass quality check are conveyed to the labelling station, where labels are printed, their correct position is determined and the cans are labeled on both sides. A combination of 2D and 3D cameras allows the system to recognize cans of different shapes, weights, heights and volumes for subsequent hygienic processing. A single robot can process 3 cans per second or 180 cans per minute in a three-shift operation mode, while requiring no more than two maintenance checks per year.

ProPetline is based on a 3D camera technology that has been successfully used in our doughnut/Berliner quality control system. A highly efficient super-light gripper can hold up to 81 cans at once. Thus, process flexibility is ensured though the simultaneous handling of many products by one robot. Process stability is ensured by the advanced can singularization and conveying system, which also allows for a quick changeover.

The operator can easily change the product to be processed. Additionally, it is possible to change labels per row to increase product diversity without extra costs.

Process: handling, drying, inspecting and labeling of cans
Industry: pet food, food
Application: meat paste, sausage spread, cat/dog food

Die Roboterzelle ProPetline basiert auf unserem Know-How Produkte in hohen Taktraten mit Präzision zu bearbeiten und mit 3D-Kameras zu erkennen sowie unserem Wissen über Kennzeichnung.

Key facts:

  •  High throughput rate
  •  Flexible feeding
  •  Short changeover times
  •  Simple operation
  •  High productivity
  •  Simple connection to the ERP system

Eighty-one cans are lifted simultaneously and interlayers are removed

Several camera systems ensure high process flexibility