ProPack is an automated system designed for primar and secondary packaging of food- and pharmaceutical products. The integrated quality control system can, among other things, check the volume and surface characteristics of the bakery products prepared for packaging.

Process: Product packaging
Industry: Food industry, pharmaceutical industry
Application: food- (e.g. croissants, cheese, confectionary or animal feed) and pharmaceutical products (e.g. tablets)

ProPack is based on ProAutomation basic robot cell PROCELL. It consists of separate robotic units that are electrically, pneumatically and mechanically interconnected. Such combination of separate robot cells ensures increased throughput rate of a particular packaging process.

The ProPack basic design consists of a base frame (welded construction), a safety housing including a safety door with an electrical locking device, three input keys, an emergency stop switch and a signal tower for the safe operation of the robot cell, a delta robot of the FANUC M-3 series and a basic software package.

Optionally, a touchscreen control panel and a multi-gripper that can be easily integrated with exchangable gripper jaws are available.

Integrated standard modules for packaging include:

  •  an automated conveyor system (belt conveyor)
  •  an intelligent camera system as an inspection unit

The ProPack system with a total of five delta robots performs product packaging with a cycle time of up to 5 x 180 pieces per minute. The flexible design of the robot cell allows for direct connection to existing systems such as deep-frying units or conveyor systems from the cooling chamber.

Grippers are available for all food- and pharmaceutical products. The gripper change-over system enables automatic gripper changeover to handle varying product sizes. Additionally an automated gripper cleaning station can be integrated.

The digital industrial camera system enables 3D inspection and documenting of product characteristics such as volume and surface quality. Hence, the robot packs only those products that meet all quality standards. The remaining products are handeled separately. New product characteristics can be quickly and easily taught-in via an interactive programming pannel.

Key facts

  •  short delivery times
  •  high throughput rate
  •  transparent cost calculation
  •  up to 48 months warranty
  •  free service hotline (on workdays, 7 am – 5 pm)
  •  24/7 operation
  •  high reliability
  •  quick amortisation

Food- and pharmaceutical products can be automatically packed with a very high throughput rate.

A gripper with quickly changeable gripper jaws can be used for the handling of various product types.