Promobile T5

ProMobile T5 is an automated system designed for mobile phone disassembly. It ensures product disassembly without irreversible damage to its components that can be further recycled.

Process: Mobile phone disassembly
Branche: Electronics industry
Application: Mobile phones

ProMobile T5 consists of a SCARA robot, a conveyor system with a special clamping fixture, an intelligent camera system and a screwing unit.

Mobile phones are transported to the robot workspace where they are clamped and automatically unscrewed. Positioning accuracy of the robot is ensured by the coupled camera system, thus even the smallest screws can be reached with high precision.

Key facts

  •  high throughput rate
  •  flexible expanding
  •  easy to operate
  •  simple changeover
  •  autonomous operation

Mobile phones are automatically disassembled without irreversible damage to individual components that can be recycled for further use.

The intelligent camera on the screw head ensures precise positioning of the screwdriver.