Prolaser 9000

ProLaser 9000 is a laser robot cell designed for 2D or 3D marking of housings and electronic components. This laser robot system does not require complex fixtures for the marked components.

Process: Marking and inspection
Industry: Electronics industry, automotive industry, metal industry
Application: Electronic components

ProLaser 9000 consists of a six-axis articulated robot, a laser system and an optional camera system. With a flexible robot there is no need for an expensive laser autofocus. It can also easily perform marking on slanted surfaces.

The integrated camera system enables marking with a positioning accuracy of a few hundredths of a millimetre. Components can be loaded in the marking unit either manually or automatically. Set-up times are reduced due to the elimination of the moulding process for different components. To mark a different component, only the gripper has to be changed. Needless to say, this can be done automatically.

Key facts

  •  24/7 operation
  •  low set-up costs
  •  ideal for frequently changing products
  •  marking up to 100×100 mm
  •  CE compliant
  •  high reliability
  •  quick amortisation

Components of different types are manually loaded for subsequent laser marking.

A six-axes articulated robot enables marking on slanted surfaces.