Prochip 700

ProChip 700 is a disassembly robot cell designed to remove chips from used circuit boards. Different mobile phone circuit boards can be disassembled without retooling.

Process: Circuit board desoldering
Industry: Elecronics industry
Application: Mobile phone circuit boards and other electronic components

ProChip 700 consists of a six-axis articulated robot, a conveyor system, an intelligent camera system and a special system for chips desoldering.

Different types of circuit boards are recognised by the camera system above the conveyor belt. Details about the exact position of a circuit board on the conveyor belt are transmitted to the robot that picks it up it with high precision and places it in the disassembly unit for subsequent desoldering. At this stage chips are removed from the circuit boards.

Key facts:

  •  high throughput rate
  •  flexible expanding
  •  easy to operate
  •  simple changeover
  •  autonomous operation

Chips from different printed circuit boards are automatically removed without retooling for further recycling.

A robot controller with an integrated camera system recognises the position of a circuit board on the conveyor belt.