Procheck 9000

ProCheck 9000 is a robot system designed for automated assembly, inspection and laser marking of automotive components. Separate components are screwed together into a single assembly that is subsequently programmed and marked with a laser.

Process: Marking, inspection, screwing
Industry: Automotive industry
Application: Automotive components

ProCheck 9000 consists of a standard basic robot cell PROCELL and additional modules for conveying, screwing, programming, inspection and marking – all this in the smallest space and according to automotive standards. The assembly unit contains among others torque controlled screwing mechanisms, electronic contacting units for programming of assemblies, a laser, a leak testing system and a camera based quality control system for individual parts.

Individual components of the assembly are conveyed separately by the corresponding conveyor system to the robot cell. The robot picks individual parts and captures them while the screwing unit screws them together. The finished assembly is subsequently transported to the programming and inspection station. After the inspection is completed, the laser marks it after which it is transported out of the cell.

Key facts

  •  quality control via camera system
  •  torque controlled screwing
  •  integrated programming and inspection stations
  •  integrated laser marking
  •  high functionality within the smallest space
  •  high throughput rate (150 assemblies per hour)
  •  high reliability
  •  CE compliant

Transmission controllers are assembled, programmed, inspected and marked by means of a laser.

Separate parts of an assembly are picked and simultaneously captured by a single multi-gripper.