ProBinPick is an automated solution that enables picking of randomly placed parts from transporting containers and placing them to the target position.

Process: Bin-picking
Industry: Metal industry, automotive industry, electronics industry, pharmaceutical industry
Application: Castings, forgings, aluminium parts, plastic parts, packaging, steel plates

The sophisticated combination of a 3D image recognition software, a robot and special algorithms developed by ProAutomation enables reliable bin-picking. The robot examines the position of various parts randomly piled in a container, recognises the part that is easy to grip and proceeds with the gripping process after which the part is placed to the target position or inserted into a machine.

A reliable, robust  3D image recognition system optically captures the object and analyses generated data. Special object recognition and selection algorithms developed by ProAutomation provide precise information to the robot system as to which object should be picked next. After that, the information about the current position and orientation of the object in the container is analysed. The resulting data are used by the robot system for the optimal path planning. The key factor here is collision-free removal of items from the container. After the gripping procedure is completed, the object is placed to the target position or inserted into a machine.

Packaging for the pharmaceutical industry or other logistics purposes, metal sheets, castings or forgings of up to 100 kg can be handled with the cycle time of approx. 3 seconds. Containers can be loaded and unloaded to/from the robot cell with the help of a forklift. The camera range covers the area of a pallet size.

ProAutomation offers an opportunity to run tests on the demo cell in Vienna. The cell can be easily set up to work with different components via an intuitive graphic programming interface.

Key facts

  •  process reliability
  •  enhanced productivity and efficiency
  •  higher output
  •  consistent quality
  •  low strain on the personnel

Bulk components of different shapes are automatically picked from a transporting bin.

A reliable and robust 3D camera system captures an object and prepares the data for the gripping process.