Proback 2000

ProBack 2000 is a packaging machine with an integrated quality control system designed to pack donuts. This machine is equipped with either one or two delta robots, depending on the application.

Process: Bakery packaging (primary and secondary packaging)
Industry: Food industry
Application: Raw, frozen or finished bakery products

ProBack 2000 consists of two delta robots (model 1000 has one delta robot), a conveyor system and an intelligent camera system for the quality control of bakery products.

The quality control system inspects volume and surface characteristics of donuts. The robot packs only those donuts that meet pre-defined quality standards. The remaining donuts are collected separately. New product characteristics can be easily and quickly taught via interactive programming interface. The PROCELL concept allows for flexible expanding of robot cell functionality and seamless integration in the existing facility.

Key facts

  •  high throughput rate
  •  flexible expanding
  •  easy to operate
  •  simple changeover
  •  autonomous operation

After quality control procedures, donuts that meet all requirements are packed.

An intelligent camera system inspects volume and surface characteristics of separate donuts on the conveyor belt.