Increasing the degree of industrial automation demands new types of machines with visual capabilities. Quality control technology that helps detect defective products must be an integral component of a production system in a modern fast paced manufacturing environment.

Our machines are equipped with automated sensor-based inspection systems that can quickly and comprehensively document product-specific inspection processes.


Metal industry, automotive industry, electronics industry, and food industry


Inspection of food products, characteristics of metal, plastic and other components; inspection of diameters, inner diameters, lengths, widths, thicknesses, holes, volumes, shapes; form inspection; 3D inspection; quality tests; inspection of cable lengths, dosing volumes, adhesive beads, weld seams, baked goods, cheese, meet, ham; inspection of auto parts, sheet metals, CNC parts, injection moulded parts and counting parts


We identify and inspect every single detail

Standard Modules

Very flexible and easy to integrate