Automation of disassembly processes demands high precision and flexibility. Sophisticated image processing in combination with precise robot movements and advanced electronic design turn our solutions into robust standard systems.

Particular challenges arise from variation in design of electronic devices and the need to disassemble relevant materials or components without causing damage to individual parts.

ProAutomation designs process solutions with integrated smart camera systems that ensure product disassembly without causing irreversible damage to its components that are sorted and prepared for the next stage of the process.

Our profound expertise in modern production processes ensures ideal technical design as well as realisation and implementation of your desired system with the highest level of satisfaction.


Electronics industry


Disassembly of mobile phones, tablet PCs, PCs, laptops, monitors, electronic devices, MP3-players, TVs and SMART TVs


We disassemble without causing product damage

Standard Modules

Highly flexible and easy to integrate

Based on our standard basic cell
PROCELL, we develop
customised solutions to
automate your disassembly