Automatic Dismantling of Mobile Phones

In the past 3 years ProAutomation has been part of a research project studying and implementing new technologies for automatic inspection and dismantling of mobile phones. ProAutomation has know-how on disassembly technologies as well as an integrator of assembly lines and took the role of dismantling phones and gaining valuable fractions. These fractions – mainly Lithium-Ion batteries, PCBs and the so called residual fractions are seperated in one of the interconnected machines.
Having integrator know-how we also took care of handling the products within the inspection and dismantling process. Knowing the difficulties of recognizing used products using cameras, we also developed and researched options for machine learning algorithms using cameras.

A big step within this project is the built-up of a demonstrator, showing all technological options while already producing clearer fractions for further recycling. We are now going to use this demonstrator in field tests.


Roland Ambrosch: “This is the worldwide first machine demonstration for the automatic disassembly and sorting of valuable materials from end-of-life electronic equipment.”

Now it’s on recyclers to gain rare earth metals from clearer fractions we prepared and to not loose valuable elements like Tantalum and Wolfram.

A video of the demonstrator is now online on our project website:


This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 680449

ADIR project team

automatic dismantled phones

Dough Scoring – Automated Precision

ProAutomation has developed a safe and efficient process to score any desired pattern in raw dough. The combination of a cutting-edge camera system, flexible robots and water jet technology coupled with smart software makes it possible to implement fundamentally new product ideas.

ProAutomation CEO Roland Ambrosch explains, “Our line has resulted from the idea to replace the usual ultrasonic dough scoring. But we have managed to achieve more. With our innovative technology it is possible to score the dough in any pattern on an industrial scale.”

At the heart of the ProWaterjet lies a smart 3D camera system that is able to determine the geometry and positioning of the dough piece with millimeter precision. With this system incorrect scoring will remain in the past. Now every dough piece can be scored exactly as desired.

The precise robotic scoring of the dough piece in a pre-selected pattern can be controlled via intuitive display. There are no limits to imagination when it comes to scoring patterns, from straight or curved lines to hearts, letters and logos – everything is possible.

Contact-free operation is another advantage of the ProWaterjet. There is no more need for cutting tools that can contaminate the product or become dirty and diminish operational safety, wear out or increase the risk of operator’s injury.

Our flexible modular solution is perfect for any type of product loading and carrier systems, from peel boards and conveyor belts to oven racks, meeting your capacity requirements and offering transparent cost structure and shipping times.

ProWaterjet – desired pattern

ProWaterjet – up to 30,000 pcs/h

New Vision, New Path Forward

Dear Customers and Suppliers,

After five successful years of operation and with bright future prospects in tow, DI (FH) Roland Ambrosch, MSc has taken over all shares and become the sole Chief Executive Officer of ProAutomation GmbH.

ProAutomation will continue to deliver complex, standardized and modular robot systems for the automotive and electronics sectors, with an increasing focus on the food and recycling industries.

In the future, innovative solutions that imply not only modular cells, but complete production lines will improve manufacturing productivity at early stages and increase efficiency of the systems. This approach will be supported with R&D projects in virtual commissioning and data aggregation and analysis.

Our ongoing collaboration with renowned international research institutes will bring future exciting developments in the sphere of electronics recycling. We look forward to a green future and will do our best to contribute to its creation.

Roland Ambrosch comments, “The whole team would like to thank all former board members for their lasting commitment. It’s been a great journey. Now we look forward to designing excellent production systems for and with our customers, and develop new technology.”

PROCELL – modular, standardised

ProBinPick – bin picking solution

Business award crescendo – proautomation among top 3

Dear Reader,

Crescendo Business Award has been established by the Austrian Chamber of Commerce to recognize outstanding economic performance and honor most successful entrepreneurs.

It has been our honor to be nominated for this award and win the second place in the “Breakthrough Business” category.
The selection committee has acknowledged our steady growth and success earned by the continued implementation of innovative ideas.

The PROCELL basic robot cell designed with new modularity and flexibility standards in mind has received special recognition. Our basic robot cell is a starting point that offers a basic framework for any process that requires automation. The integration of the process modules (Conveyor-, marking-, dosing-, control-, and packaging modules) allows for quick and simple automation of nearly every production process.

More information here:

Our mission is to provide automation solutions that help our customers grow and ensure their success. It is our priority to meet the needs of our customers at the highest level of excellence.

We would like to thank you once again for your continued support and trust in Pro Automation. We look forward to our future collaboration!

Standard basic cell PROCELL

ProPack – Primary and secondary packaging