Metal Industry

Production processes in the automotive industry require high-quality flexible automation solutions that eliminate time-consuming changeover procedures. At the same time, they must ensure consistent quality at high speeds and easy handling of product variants.

Our engineers apply process-specific expertise to design automated solutions that minimise changeover times. Intelligent camera systems enable our machines to “see” thus ensuring our customers’ specific quality standards. With intelligent image processing systems, complex conveyor systems become obsolete.

Our exceptional performance is based on process-specific know-how and profound knowledge in such areas as dosing technology, control and measurement technology, laser technology (marking), assembly technology and gluing of components (e.g. LED lights), and assembly and inspection of transmission control systems.


  • Conveying of various components
  • Surface inspection
  • Assembling of components
  • Packaging of finished units
  • Checking dimensions of components
  • Sorting, inspecting, and placing of metal parts

Metal Industry: Processes

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Metal Industry: Solutions

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