Dough Scoring – Automated Precision

Dough Scoring – Automated Precision

ProAutomation has developed a safe and efficient process to score any desired pattern in raw dough. The combination of a cutting-edge camera system, flexible robots and water jet technology coupled with smart software makes it possible to implement fundamentally new product ideas.

ProAutomation CEO Roland Ambrosch explains, “Our line has resulted from the idea to replace the usual ultrasonic dough scoring. But we have managed to achieve more. With our innovative technology it is possible to score the dough in any pattern on an industrial scale.”

At the heart of the ProWaterjet lies a smart 3D camera system that is able to determine the geometry and positioning of the dough piece with millimeter precision. With this system incorrect scoring will remain in the past. Now every dough piece can be scored exactly as desired.

The precise robotic scoring of the dough piece in a pre-selected pattern can be controlled via intuitive display. There are no limits to imagination when it comes to scoring patterns, from straight or curved lines to hearts, letters and logos – everything is possible.

Contact-free operation is another advantage of the ProWaterjet. There is no more need for cutting tools that can contaminate the product or become dirty and diminish operational safety, wear out or increase the risk of operator’s injury.

Our flexible modular solution is perfect for any type of product loading and carrier systems, from peel boards and conveyor belts to oven racks, meeting your capacity requirements and offering transparent cost structure and shipping times.

ProWaterjet – desired pattern

ProWaterjet – up to 30,000 pcs/h