We develop ideas that change the future of manufacturing and ensure sustainability!

ProAutomation is committed to researching new methods of sustainable operation and developing robot structures that increase production efficiency and reduce unnecessary energy consumption.

We are convinced that industrial facilities should be analysed with regard to their emission levels, while the emissions reduction potential should be assessed in order to implement eco-friendly operating processes. Enabling efficient eco-friendly manufacturing is our top priority.

ProAutomation develops advanced and innovative analytical methods of sustainable operation. Rather than providing a separate module, we offer a comprehensive technical solution. Our close cooperation with universities and research institutions provides access to a pool of highly educated and creative talent.

Image processing

We are interested in all types of research in the field of computer vision. Contact us!

Some of our projects are supported by Vienna Business Agency.

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Our R&D team develops and designs innovative automation solutions.

We use a comprehensive approach to develop advanced mechatronic solutions.