Recently there has been a clear trend toward standardisation and modularity in the automation industry. Short delivery times, process safety and transparent cost calculation are among the biggest benefits for customers. ProAutomation has developed a standardised modular system based on the PROCELL concept to enable task-specific implementation of any process.

ProModules for screwing

ProModule Screw

Screwing unit of the Screw ProModule enables special assemblies screwing with torque monitoring. The torques of an individual screw connection can be simultaneously and automatically monitored.

ProModules for conveying

ProModule Rotary Plate

The swivelling unit of the Rotary Plate ProModule can be used for components in- and output. Partition between the operator and the robot working area enables simultaneous operation of the robot and operator.

ProModule Destacker

Destacker ProModule (also Stacker) is a standardised storage system that allows for an autonomous operation for a defined period of time. The stacking system brings or stores trays as required.

ProModule Conveyor

Conveyor ProModule can be used for in- and output of components to/from the robot cell. In order to control speed, the activation is performed either by means of a contactor or a frequency converter.

ProModule Anyfeeder

Anyfeeder ProModule is a flexible system that can be used to feed various bulk small components. It is a smart alternative to conventional oscillation conveyors and can easily replace many of them.

ProModules for inspection

ProModule Vision

Vision ProModule is a camera system that can be used for 2D and 3D quality control. The image processing system is directly connected to the robot control system.

ProModule Equator

Equator ProModule can be used to effectively inspect and measure a variety of different workpieces. The measurement is based on the comparison with a reference object, whose parameters have been previously entered into the system.

ProModules for marking

ProModule Laser

Laser ProModule enables any type of marking performed by a single laser. The combination of a laser and a robot enables marking of slanted surfaces.