The future starts here!

ProAutomation is an innovative company that specializes in robotics and automation technology. Since 2010, we have been striving to deliver the best integrated solutions to our customers. Our team of highly qualified professionals is committed to implementing advanced ideas and designs with the highest level of customer satisfaction and service quality.

Rigid automation systems remained in the past. Today robots make production easier and manufacturing facilities safer, while ensuring constant product quality. Our engineers develop automation solutions that increase manufacturing flexibility, improve productivity and support the growth of our customers.

ProAutomation aims to design the most innovative solutions in the automation industry. We develop new technologies and systems that integrate complex robotic, control and quality concepts with advanced image processing techniques. Such combination enhances process efficiency for the benefit of our customers. We strive to simplify production processes, while increasing their flexibility and productivity.

Our mission is to help our customers grow and succeed by providing efficient automation solutions. It is our priority to meet the needs of our customers at the highest level of excellence.​

DI (FH) Roland Ambrosch, MSc
ProAutomation CEO

ProAutomation Team:
All our engineers share profound expertise in automation technology